5 Essential 8 Ball Pool Tips for Beginners

8 Ball Pool is one of the popular games that are played by millions of people. The aim of the game is to hit the ball into the pocket. Here are the lists of 5 essential tips for the beginners to master the game.

8 Ball Pool Tips
8 Ball Pool Tips

1. Power

If the object ball is far away from the pocket, the player may think that it is necessary to make a harder hit to make a perfect shot. But in some cases, a little more power than usual itself can make a perfect shot whereas a harder hit can make the ball to stay out.

At the same time, use of too little power for the ball that is too close can also lead to missing an easy, straightforward shot. This type of event takes place while the player is trying to score on the middle pockets. You can use online 8 ball pool hack tools through which you can generate unlimited power.

In the pool, although, it is important for the player to aim a shot accurately to win the game, it is obligatory for the player to judge the amount of power that is needed to hit a shot.

Mostly the beginners fail to judge the amount of power to be used on the shot and loss many easy shots in the early games. So, it is very much mandatory for the player to analyses the amount of power to be used.

2. Tables

Choosing a suitable table helps the beginners to execute the pool game effectively. Initially, there are many tables available to play, and by just swiping sideways, the player can notice the tables that require larger entry fees.

It is suggested to play with the Downtown London Pub initially for a beginner to get access with a good handle on the pool cue. By playing with the London Pub, the player gets chances to target the real world setting on his/her bank photos, spin photos and combos.

The experience in the Downtown London Pub helps the player to progress to Sydney, Moscow and Vegas with enough coins. If the player has the improved skills to play with high stakes tables and more advanced tables, then the player can earn money much faster with the increasing entry fees. When the player holds many victories with enough coin purses, it paves the way to win the game.

3. CUE

Choosing the suitable cue is another important thing in the 8 Ball Pool game. With the earnings from the game, the player can upgrade the cue and this, in turn, helps the player to win many matches. The cue has four different attributes such as spin, force, aim and time.

The spin denotes the way and the amount that is required to put on the shot whereas force indicates the nature of the hardness that can hit the cue ball. Aim and time determine the length of the aim line and the time required to take the shot respectively.

The cue that is chosen at the beginning makes the player have several advantages like to shoot with more power, extend the aim guidelines, etc. The player can unlock more cues with the coins earned by playing many matches.

As the game proceeds, it is mandatory for the player to choose the cues with better benefits to tackle different situations. Each cue can have 50 shots, and it can be further activated with the pool coins.

4. Spin

To make a perfect shot or to prevent the potting of the cue ball, the player can use spin on the cue ball. If the ball that is needed to be sinking is riskily nearer to the pocket, then the player can just tap on the cue ball button in the top right corner of the screen rather than shooting it with minimal power.

This helps to cap on the spot that can make contact with on the cue ball. If the cue contact point is placed on the top of the cue ball, then it makes the cue ball to continue its contact with the object ball. This, in turn, makes the generation of more spin with the harder hit.

To avoid sinking the cue ball, some back spins are to be added to the cue ball, but it should be stopped in its tracks. If the player wishes to change the angle of the cue ball when it comes off the cushion, then side spin can be used.

Practice is needed on these tricks of the spin to master the game. The experiments on the spin can make the player more familiar with the amount of spin to be used in suitable situations.


Planning the moves in advance is one of the main factors in winning the matches in the 8 Ball Pool games and paves the way to success. The player should plan the type of spin and the amount of power to be used or required for the perfect shot in the mind.

Though it is a very critical thing since the player also has a time limit in which the clock does not allow the player to spend as much as time, planning the moves is very must. The arrangement and patience are the basic needs for a player to win the game.

Some shots may appear very close, and the player may think that it could be an easy shot, but without proper planning, the player cannot achieve a perfect shot.

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