Everything You Need To Know About Video Networking App – Musical.ly

In today’s era, major teens are looking for a promising and all in one app cum social site which provides some unique features and tools at their fingertips. Well, their hunt for the all in one app is finally over, right? With 200 million users and 12 million new videos per day comes The Musical.ly App.

What Is Musical.ly Really?

It is a very popular social network for music lovers and creative artists. It provides its “Musers” (users of Musical.ly known as) with lip- syncing and dancing along to popular music.

The musical.ly app provides its users with a social network for video-creation, messaging and live broadcasting. In simple words, it is a DIY music- video making app for teenagers and young adults.

So, if you are not well-aware of this app, here’s everything you need to know about this app. It lets you create a user account with a profile.

You can “heart” (like) the music videos and share comments. Not only this, you can follow your “Musers” in order to get their updates.

Tips To Use The App:

From beginner to advanced, here are proven tips in order to use Musical.Ly app efficiently.

1. Get Some Inspiration.

Open the Musical.Ly app, its default page is the feed of featured videos.

Here appear the videos which are most liked by the people. If you are new to this, you can find creative and popular trends here for the idea of your music-video.

2. Create Your Own Unique, Personalized And Astonishing Profile.

Musical.ly allows you to sign-up using social sites like facebook, google+ so that you can easily connect with the “Musers” around you.

3. Follow Trends

You can see videos from the users you follow or the ones which are popular by switching the ’follow’ tab in order to see what’s on trend!

4. Get Set Muse!

Now that you know the basics get set muse!

Click the plus yellow button and start creating your music videos.

You can shoot a video and upload it after creative editing, or you can also upload and edit any video from your phone’s gallery. Cool right?

Musically app
Musically App | Became Musically Star

5. Choose Your Music.

Musical.ly provides an online library of the top musical hits to choose from where songs can easily be sorted. You can also select from your phone’s music collection.

6. Stay Tuned Stay Updated.

Know the popularity of the songs by tapping it to see other “muses” who lip-synced over it. Amazing isn’t it?
This way you can easily know which songs are in trend and which is real of your choice.

7. Master The Shooting Mode Features.

In shooting mode, you have some tools at your choice like reverse camera, setting the timer, flash option in case of darkness, trimming music and much more.

8. Nail The Art Of Post-Shoot Tools.

The best feature of Musical.ly is that it provides cool post-shooting editing tools to make your video look at its best. Some of them are:

Time machine- lets you stir with playback.
Reverse mode- makes videos super fun and hilarious.
Time trap- repeat crazy moments for more fun.
Relativity- change speeds in between your videos to make it more fun.

9. #Hash More Hearts

You are almost there!

Click ’Post’, you must add a caption to your music-videos to get more hearts (likes).

Use hash tag in the caption to be recognized by app’s curators and get featured.

You can also mention the singers and actors to appreciate their work.

10. Shake It, Baby

Make your music-videos more exciting and more interesting by including cool things like hand gestures, dance moves and also by moving your camera!

11. Duet It!

You can sing a duet on Musical.ly with your BFFs and followers.

What is the big deal about it?

Well, there is. You can sing a duet even if you are not at the same place.

How’s it possible?

All you need to do is follow these simple steps-

A) Find a Musical.ly of someone you are following and make sure they are following you too.
B) Tap on the icon in the lower right section.
C) Choose start duet now.

Now all you have to do is shoot your video like you normally do and there you are!

12. Go Live.

You can go live on Musical.Ly like Instagram using the life.Ly app on the iPhone.
Wash! So easy.

13. Publicize On Other Social Sites.

The musical.ly app has another cool feature that it provides you options to share it on other social sites too like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+ accounts and much more. Use any Musically followers free tool to increase your followers.

That’s not enough; it lets you save it to your phone’s gallery too.

Also, you can save private Musical.ly video too. Too much to explore right?

14. Challenges And Contests

Not only for fun, Musical.Ly provides its “Musers” with challenges and contests.

Musical.ly organizes contests and challenges and provides its “Musers” with the best platform to show their talent and creativity.

Thousands of people participate in these challenges and get featured.

15. Last But Not Least, Get Featured On Musically.

If you want to get featured on Musical.ly try something different become sir-mix-a-lot or make sure your video is unique and fun filled, that it is attractive and most importantly entertaining because that’s what people love to watch.

If you did this, trust me, you are there!

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